Nexus Controls joins GE Vernova

As of April 3, GE Gas Power, a GE Vernova business, acquired Nexus Controls LLC from Baker Hughes.

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Industrial Control Systems and Services Partner for Advanced Automation and Efficiency

For more than a century, Nexus Controls, has partnered with customers worldwide providing world-class industrial automation, controls system, and safety system solutions across a wide variety of industrial applications.

Our deep portfolio of industrial control systems and services supports virtually every stage of your industrial control systems' lifecycles - and the people who run them - from implementation, lifecycle management, and cybersecurity, to parts management, training, and education. 

Drawing on more than a century of experience and vast knowledge, our dedicated and global support team of over 900 employees has delivered successful outcomes at more than 11,000 customer sites.

When you need a partner who believes in balancing costs and benefits to meet your unique industrial control systems goals, you need Nexus Controls.

Nexus Controls. We’ve been here all along

On April 2023, GE Gas Power acquired Nexus Controls from Baker Hughes to expand its controls portfolio. However, our story began long before that. Our business today exists as the collective experience and history of multiple companies whose lineage spans 150 years.

Nexus Controls Portfolio of Automation & Control Solutions
Turbine & Compressor Controls

Nexus Controls’ global team of domain experts leverages a portfolio of reliable control platforms to tailor outcomes to best meet our customer needs. Our experienced team of domain experts has successfully delivered over 11,000 projects around the world, including extensive Gas, Steam, Hydro Turbine–Generator, and Turbine Driven Compressor control system applications across a wide range of industries.

The Nexus Controls global engineering and manufacturing network provides customers with dependable local support to ensure that your Gas & Steam Turbine and Compressor control systems start up the first time while meeting your schedule.

Our long-standing OEM relationships afford us access to an extended team of equipment experts giving us, and you, a distinct advantage over competing industrial control systems.

Turbine Control Systems
Distributed Control Systems

Nexus Control has successfully delivered positive Distributed Control Systems (DCS) outcomes for customers operating across a wide range of industries.

Our highly reliable Nexus OnCore† Control Systems provides You with a cost-effective, next-generation DCS solution that is extremely easy to learn and manage. The thoughtful design of our Nexus Oncore HMI software provides a clear understanding of your plant operations as well as a logical process for managing alarms and systems alerts.

Nexus Controls’ global team of domain experts has successfully completed over 11,000 greenfield and brownfield projects around the world, including extensive Distributed Control System applications across a wide range of industries.

Industrial Distributed Control Systems
Generator Control & Excitation Systems

Our dedicated team of engineering and service professionals specialize in generator control and protection systems. We have decades of experience supplying excitation modernizations for heavy-duty and aero-derivative gas, industrial and large steam, and hydro powered turbine-generators to customers worldwide.

As regulatory and operational requirements evolve, many legacy generator control systems are limited by the technology of their era and require upgrades to improve the performance, security, and compliance of generating assets.

Aging generator controls represent an increased operational risk over time and our team can help owners to develop comprehensive hardware, software, design, and installation solutions optimized to meet their specific automation control needs.

Whether a “controls only” migration, a standalone excitation replacement, or as part of an integrated plant control retrofit project, our team can provide a single point of responsibility to deliver a successful retrofit across a wide variety of generator and control manufacturers and applications.

Generator Control System
Industrial Cybersecurity

Leaning on our deep knowledge and global expertise in critical infrastructure protection, Nexus Controls designs and deploys operational technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique demands of your industrial plant network.

Nexus Controls can ensure that you have an effective cybersecurity program that meets the needs of legacy control systems, with limited expert resources, while accounting for modern technology and increasing cyber threats.

OTArmor is a flexible and configurable cybersecurity solution specifically designed to protect industrial controls environments. OTArmor offers proactive protection policies and centralized reporting capabilities needed to reduce your threat surface, manage cyber risk and comply with global security standards.

Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) is a security program that delivers validated patches for operating systems and applications. CAP provides anti-virus/intrusion detection signatures to ensure HMIs, servers, switches, and network intrusion detection devices are protected from cyber vulnerabilities.

Man looking at multiple cybersecurity screens
Mechanical, Instrumentation & Control

Engineered Mechanical and Instrumentation solutions by Nexus Controls have been designed for and have been serving the global Utility, Industrial, and Oil & Gas vertical markets for 63+ years. Our mechanical and instrumentation solutions are offered standalone or as a complete industrial automation system.

Both mechanical and instrumentation solutions can be integrated with our Nexus OnCore Distributed Control System (DCS) or integrated into an existing customer DCS system. We provide full service and maintenance offerings for all our standard and custom solutions.

The Nexus nTrinsic portfolio complies with global technical regulations and standards (e.g., API, ASME, IEC, IEEE, CE, UL, CSA, CCC, EN, ISO, etc.) for the industrial, utility, and petrochemical vertical markets. When you’re ready to modernize your Mechanical and/or Instrumentation and Control systems, we stand ready to help you design a solution that fits your specific requirements, budget, and installation schedule.

Control Soulutions
High-Fidelity Simulation

Nexus Controls leverages its deep knowledge of turbines and plant equipment to provide you with reliable, virtual controller software that provides a safe and accurate training environment for operators, technicians, and engineers to develop the critical skills operating, troubleshooting, and maintaining your valuable plant assets. 

These realistic scenarios can include both existing and newly installed machinery. With a high-fidelity simulation, users are given the opportunity to review critical changes before installation occurs in the plant, or for high-impact, low-risk training of new operators.

This is a vital step in minimizing risk to an operational facility.

In addition, operations and maintenance processes are made more cost-effective by using an accurate, easy-to-maintain, simulation of your plant equipment and control system.

Man doing Nexus Controls live remote training
Global Services

Global Services from Nexus Controls puts you in control by connecting you to the right expert at the right time to meet your needs. We are committed to helping you address the challenges inherent in operating and maintaining diverse fleets of aging equipment and workforce changes. We provide timely execution, intuitive solutions, and long-term peace of mind through value-added industrial control services that share in your risk.

We offer a complete portfolio of industrial automation and control solutions and services. From spare parts and asset management to repairs, system upgrades planning and commissioning, and cybersecurity consulting, Nexus Controls has the solutions you need to power your plant's digital transformation. Whether you need 24/7 technical phone support, live remote diagnostics, at-site field engineering, parts management, cybersecurity support, or world-class training, we partner with you to securely optimize operations, minimize downtime, and improve safety through our customized service agreements.

With a Nexus Controls lifecycle management and servicing contract, you’ll receive our expertise for maintenance and technical care of your critical plant assets including turbines, generators, static starters, and distributed control systems.

Nexus Controls Global Services

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Learn about the Nexus OnCore Control System

The Nexus OnCore† Control System is the next generation of unit control systems and distributed control systems (DCS) with the power and flexibility to manage your applications, and yet is one of the easiest control systems to learn and use.

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Expansive industrial cyber protection to enable digital transformation

We bring you OTArmor, a flexible and configurable cybersecurity solution specifically designed to protect turbine, plant, and generator controls environments -- all with global security standards. Our Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) security program delivers validated patches for operating systems and applications.

Nexus Controls Global Services
Nexus nTeract† Services
You Produce. We Empower. 

Enhance your operation by taking advantage of our global services support. Discover new options for upgrades and cybersecurity, browse new technical training courses, leverage remote diagnostic services, and engage 24/7 support. Learn more today.

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