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OEM Replacement Parts for Your Industrial Needs

Nexus Controls offers parts management and repair capabilities through our dedicated parts team with more than 17,000 active part numbers and many parts in stock for quick shipment worldwide. We are your authorized seller of GE OEM replacement parts as well as Woodward Governor Company hydro parts. This is crucial to your Lifecycle Management strategy. When you need replacement parts for your turbine, starter, exciter, control, or auxiliary systems, you can rest easy knowing that Nexus Controls will provide the parts you need to run efficiently. 

Parts, such as turbine generator parts among others, are tested on the same original factory equipment that they were manufactured on. This ensures they meet required factory specifications on equipment certified to national standards. Customers can choose from the following options that best meet their unique time and budgetary needs:

  • Purchase new, reconditioned, or exchanged parts for time-sensitive fixes
  • Spares review and assessment service
  • Test and certification service to verify operation of inventory
  • Repair existing parts to maximize the life of your investments 


Nexus Controls parts experts are the best in the business at determining the most cost effective option to meet your operation’s needs.

Lifecycle Services
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We understand that one of your biggest challenges in dealing with spares is the balance between high investment and lifecycle risk. Nexus Controls PartSmart, our managed inventory program, empowers you to operate with confidence. We hold many parts in our inventory so you can rest assured that you will be covered on the critical parts for your control systems when you need them. At which time you will pay a discounted price, we will ship your part, and your warranty period will begin. Benefits include reduced inventory and carrying costs as well as reduced component obsolescence risk and peace of mind. 


Nexus OnCore Parts
Nexus OnCore Parts

Many legacy systems are limited by the technology of their era and require an upgrade to deliver performance, operability, and availability improvements. The Nexus OnCore† platform is applied across the complete spectrum of power generation, oil & gas and industrial applications. It is available for new installations as well as upgrades from legacy control systems and supports the most advanced technology.

Nexus Controls is here to help you with all your parts needs, securing OEM parts. We can provide spare and replacement parts for your Nexus OnCore system, along with legacy controls such as OC6000e and OC4000. 

General Electric Spare or Replacement Parts

Nexus Controls has a large stock of boards to help support your existing install base, including:

Turbine Controls

  • Mark VIe*
  • Mark VI
  • Mark V
  • Mark IV
  • Mark III
  • Mark II
  • Mark I   

Generator Controls

  • EX2100e
  • EX2100
  • EX2000
  • Generator Protection Panels

Starter Controls

  • LS2100e
  • LS2100
  • Innovation Series

We offer several options to meet your timeline and budget:

  • NEW: Peace of mind assured with genuine replacement parts
  • REMANUFACTURED: Reconditioned alternative to new
  • EXCHANGE: Fastest method to receive remanufactured parts
  • REPAIR & RETURN: Most cost-effective method to receive remanufactured parts
  • TEST & CERTIFY: Affordable option to verify inventory

* Mark VIe is a registered trademark of GE.

General Electric Spare or Replacement Parts
The Woodward Governor Company Hydro Parts

Get your parts from the sole legal owner of The Woodward Governor Company’s original Hydro IP and Drawings - Nexus Controls

When it comes to replacement parts, there’s no substitute for the real thing.

And that’s exactly what Nexus Controls can provide for all your Woodward Governor Company’s hydro equipment. Factory fresh. 100% genuine and legal. Authentic parts engineered to precise OEM design specifications. Everything from Oilite® bushings and terminal blocks to dashpots and gate valves – even original owner’s manuals with drawings and reference numbers. And our Woodward Governor Company aftermarket support doesn’t stop there. Nexus Controls’ product specialists can help keep operations running smoothly with factory-backed engineering, repair, training and field services. Place your order today and get the parts the Woodward Governor Company intended you to have.

100% genuine. Engineered to precise OEM design specifications.

Nexus Controls is the sole legal owner of The Woodward Governor Company’s Hydro IP (Intellectual Property), as well as all Hydro-related original drawings. Only Nexus Controls can legally provide The Woodward Governor Company’s original Hydro parts and rebuild kits to extend the life of your equipment and the maintenance intervals.

Here are some of the components for which we can provide parts and service:


  • Woodward Mechanical Cabinet Actuator
  • Woodward A Actuator
  • Woodward Gateshaft Governor
  • Woodward Gateshaft Actuator
  • Woodward Analog MOD I
  • Woodward Analog MOD II
  • Woodward Digital
  • Electric Hydraulic Cabinet Actuator
  • Woodward UG-8 Governor 
  • Woodward UGHT Governor


  • Woodward XX Herringbone Gear Oil Pump
  • Screw Type Pumping Unit
  • Vertical Screw type Pumping Unit
  • Woodward 20 Series Pumps
  • Woodward 200 Series Pumps
  • Woodward 2000 Series Pumps


  • FC Valve
  • Flow Loading/Unloader Valve
  • Pressure Tank Float Valve
  • Solenoid Operated Unloader Valve
  • Electric unloader valve (Typically with Screw Pumps)
  • Generator Brake Valve
  • Adjustable Blade Control for Mechanical Cabinet Actuator
  • Adjustable Blade Control for Gateshaft Governor
  • Governor Head Assembly
  • Rapid Load Device
  • Direct Motor Driven Ballhead
  • Combination Speed Switch
  • Oil Motor Vibrator
  • Permanent Magnet Generator (Pre/Post 1967)
  • Speed Signal Generator
  • Shutdown Solenoid for UG Governor
  • Automatic Gateshaft
  • Speed Adjust Limit Switch
  • Speed Switches (PMG/SSG)


The Woodward Governor Company Hydro Parts
Current Woodward Parts

As a Woodward OEM preferred reseller, we look forward to the opportunity to be your provider for all Woodward products, Controls or Mechanical, including:

  • Controls
    • Flex 500
    • 505H 
    • Micronet+
  • Mechanical, including Actuation Options
    • Gas Valves and Skid Configuration
    • Liquid Valves
    • Water Metering Valves

We offer several options to meet your timeline and budget:

  • NEW: Peace of mind assured with genuine replacement parts
  • REMANUFACTURED: Reconditioned alternative to new
  • REPAIR & RETURN: Most cost-effective method to receive remanufactured parts


Current Woodward Parts

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