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Industrial Cybersecurity Protection for LNG Plant in Egypt

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In a world that becomes more digital each day, and with remote work becoming more prevalent, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated.

Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business forges strong partnership with customers to deliver world class cyber security services for critical Operational Technology (OT) networks. 

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Recently, Nexus Controls began working with Egyptian LNG, a company that provides Liquefied Natural Gas in keeping with global standards to support energy demands.

This company capitalized on a two-trains rolling construction with a combined capacity of 7.2 Mtpa. The company’s operating process is carried out by the latest operating systems and advanced electronic applications in the world, as well as the company’s port management, which works with the latest scientific methods and global shipping industry since gas liquefaction is a modern and developed technological industry. ELNG is a joint venture of two state-owned firms, namely Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS), and three international stakeholders including Royal Dutch-Shell, Petronas, and Engie.


Project Background

Nexus Controls built a relationship with Egyptian LNG based on a shared outcome of secure business continuity and decreased risk. 

Egyptian LNG sought to implement a robust secure remote access infrastructure with advanced visibility and change management for their plant’s Distributed Control System (DCS), resulting in a reduction of their attack surface while improving OEM technical support utilizing remote work facilities.

From the beginning of the collaborative partnership, Nexus Controls offered technical cybersecurity and OT network domain expertise that included solution architecture and baseline analysis. The final solution resulted in a shared vision for best practices and technical capabilities in a multi-phase cyber security maturity program.

Nexus OTArmor for LNG plants


The Nexus OTArmor† Solution

Nexus Controls developed a customer-centric solution based on ELNG’s specific needs. The full scope focused on security asset management, change management, anomaly detection and baselining. To meet ELNG’s goals and objectives, the solution included multiple cybersecurity capabilities from the Nexus OTArmor™ portfolio to deliver increased security and enable effective business continuity. 

The Nexus Controls Solution Architect team played an important role as consultants, supporting ELNG to develop a solid case of industrial cyber awareness and providing recommendations on how to improve asset security. The team focused the solution on ELNG’s pain points and correctly sized the solution to meet the scope and budget of the project.

This commercial agreement represents the unique value of the Nexus OTArmor™ cybersecurity portfolio and shared goal of ELNG and Nexus Controls to work together to protect critical operational technology from cybersecurity threats.



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