Pressure Indicators (DPI 705E Manometers)
Product Overview

The Druck DPI 705E Series of handheld pressure manometers and optional temperature indicators combine tough and rugged design with accurate and reliable measurements. 

Compact and robust, the DPI 705E Series is designed for single-handed operation and provides many essential features required for routine maintenance and system troubleshooting.

The Druck DPI 705E-IS model is the Intrinsically Safe (IS) version for use in hazardous environments.

DPI705E pressure indicator manometer
  • 48 pressure ranges from ±25 mbar to 1,400 bar (±1.69 psi to 20,000 psi / 2.5 KPa to 140 MPa)
  • Total 1-year uncertainty down to 0.05% full scale (FS) over a temperature range of -10°C to +50°C
  • Integral calibration record with calibration due count-down display
  • Rugged, handheld design with a backlit high-contrast display
  • Leak test, tare, maximum/minimum, and filter
  • Hazardous Area (Intrinsically safe) version available
  • Optional remote plug and play pressure and Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensors
  • Optional pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps
Pressure Ranges

The DPI705E includes an internal absolutegauge, or differential sensor. Any number of remote sensors can be used with a single DPI705E as all sensors hold their own calibration data and are supplied with a 2.9m (9.5 feet) cable

Internal and remote sensors are fitted with pressure connectors as detailed below:

  • 25 mbar – 200 bar (10 inH2O - 3000 psi / 2.5 kPa - 20 MPa): G1/8 BSP female
  • Differential reference port: Legris 4 mm tubing adaptor
  • ≥350 bar (5,000 psi / 35 MPa): Autoclave 9/16 x 18 UNF Male


druck 705e gauge, absolute and differential pressure sensors
  • IO705E-CASE DPI705E - Carrying Case
  • IO705E-CASE-IS DPI705E - Carrying Case (IS)
  • IO705E-STRAP DPI705E - Hanging Strap
  • PM700E-CABLE PM700E - Remote Sensor Cable 2.9M
  • IO-ADAPT-G1/4 - Adaptor G1/8 Male to G1/4 Female
  • IO-ADAPT-1/4NPT - Adaptor G1/8 Male to 1/4NPT Female
  • IO-ADAPT-1/8NPT - Adaptor G1/8 Male to 1/8NPT Female
  • IO-ADAPT-QF - G1/8M to Quick-fit Adaptor
  • RTD-INTERFACE-485 RTD - Interface only - RS485
  • RTD-INTERFACE-IS RTD IS - Interface only - RS485
  • RTD-PROBE-485 RTD - Interface with PT100 probe - RS485
  • RTD-PROBE-IS RTD IS - Interface with PT100 probe-RS485
  • IO-RTD-M12CON - Field-wirable M12 connector 4-pin
  • IO-RTD-M12EXT - M12M to M12F 2m ext lead (6.5 ft) 4-wire
  • IO-RTD-PRB150 - RTD Probe 150mm, PT100 steel Class A
  • IOHOSE-NP1 - 20 bar Hose Assembly 1 meter
  • IOHOSE-NP2 - 20 bar Hose Assembly 2 meter
  • IO620-HOSE-P1 - Pneumatic Hose Kit-1 meter
  • IO620-HOSE-P2 - Pneumatic Hose Kit-2 meters
  • IO620-HOSE-H1 - Hydraulic Hose Kit-1 meter
  • IO620-HOSE-H2 - Hydraulic Hose Kit-2 meters
  • IO620-HOSE-P1-IS - Pneumatic Hose Kit-1 meter (IS)
  • IO620-HOSE-P2-IS - Pneumatic Hose Kit-2 meters (IS)
  • IO620-HOSE-H1-IS - Hydraulic Hose Kit-1 meter (IS)
  • IO620-HOSE-H2-IS - Hydraulic Hose Kit-2 meters (IS)
  • IO620-BSP - Pressure Adaptor Set - BSP
  • IO620-NPT - Pressure Adaptor Set - NPT
RTD temperature Interface/Probe (Optional)

This optional add-on probe interface enables users to perform plug and play temperature measurements, displaying units as resistance or temperature.

The Interface only option P/N RTD-INTERFACE-485 for DPI705E Safe Area or P/N RTD-INTERFACE-IS for DPI705EIS Hazardous Area certification allows users to use their own PT100 RTD probe. RTD-INTERFACE is supplied with a field-rewireable M12 connector to allow users to connect their own wire-ended RTD’s.

The probe option P/N RTD-PROBE-485 for DPI705E Safe Area or P/N RTD-PROBE-IS for DPI705EIS Hazardous Area comes with the interface and a 15 cm (6” ) class A PT100 probe.

druck rtd temperature interface probe

Download our Datasheet, our comprehensive 52-page User Manual, or watch our overview video on YouTube to learn all about the features and flexibility of the DPI 705E from Druck