gas turbine
(5.7 MW - 50/60 Hz)


Compact, single-shaft solution for power generation and CHP


An enhanced version of a globally proven machine

NovaLT5-1 is an improved version of the GE5, which has been well-proven in applications around the world, reaching ~450,000 operating hours and ~100,000 fleet-leader running hours.


  • Highest thermal exhaust energy—highest efficiency in combined heat power cycle, reaching ~85%
  • Highest exhaust temperature for high-quality steam
  • Higher availability thanks to lower operating maintenance costs—engine swap in 24 hours


  • 11-stage axial flow compressor with 1 inlet guide vane (IGV) and 2 variable IGV stages
  • 18-nozzle annular combustion system with premixed and pilot fuel lines for each burner
  • 2-stage reaction turbine with air-cooled first stage


  • Power: 5.7 MW
  • Efficiency: 30.7%
  • NOx emissions: 15 ppm
  • Exhaust temp: 580°C
  • Exhaust flow: 20.4 kg/s
  • Speed: 16,630 rpm
  • Maintenance intervals (hours): 24,000 for hot gas path inspection, 48,000 for major inspection

At ISO conditions with natural gas fuel, ambient temperature 15ºC, no inlet or exhaust losses, sea level, 60% relative humidity.

Physical specifications

  • Package dimensions: 11.9 x 7.9 x 2.5 m (LxHxW)
  • Engine dimensions> 3 x 1.5 x 1.5 m (LxHxW) including support structure and piping
  • Engine weight: 4.07 t


  • Power generation
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)

Efficiency and flexibility

It provides up to 30% electrical efficiency, reaching ~85% in combined heat and power (CHP), and has high performance over a wide range of operations.


The NovaLT5-1 has higher availability thanks to lower operating maintenance costs, and engine swap in 24 hours. Real-time condition monitoring anticipates and helps prevent problems. If problems do occur, 24/7 product support service is available.

Fast installation

NovaLT5-1 is designed for installation in just 41 working days. The main single-lift skid includes gas turbine, generator, and main auxiliary systems.

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