Baker Hughes gathers hydrocarbon field data and converts the data to enhanced industry-standard canonical formats.

  • Ingests oil and gas data from multiple sources
  • Provides data curation and refinement
  • Makes data available in various formats

We deliver curated data through a fast and secure streaming service that is easy to access across multiple applications.

  • Provides access through a single interface
  • Utilizes a scalable, cloud-based solution
  • Enables data streaming for applications

You operationalize and bring value to the content through applications that enable you to quickly analyze large data sets.

  • Centralizes data services
  • Incorporates advanced analytics
  • Makes operational cost savings


Much of the data that oil and gas operators possess are trapped in siloed systems. Employees must spend time manually piecing the data together in order to extract their value.

At Baker Hughes, we know that digital transformation only becomes possible when data are accessible, curated, and shareable. Integrated Data Stream (IDS) is a centralized, cloud-based solution that enables the ingestion, curation, and streaming of data across Oilfield Services and Equipment (OFSE) systems and repositories.

IDS automates much of the manual effort required to ingest, cleanse, and organize oil and gas data, importing data from a variety of applications and consolidating them into a single, carefully curated source. Cloud enablement provides users with the flexibility to connect anywhere and at any time—utilizing a single, domain-focused interface to quickly search for and evaluate well-specific information.

These efficiencies result in significant cost savings. Engineering, operations, and business teams no longer have to spend countless hours retrieving fragmented oil and gas data. In addition, IDS offers unlimited scope to add further value, because new applications, models, and analysis can be built on top of its contextualized data streams.

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