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Generate predictive analytics and powerful visualizations throughout the life of every well

Our applications aggregate and integrate data in any format from any upstream asset, generating the predictive insights you need to take smarter, more cost-effective decisions at every stage of well development.

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Access unmatched domain expertise through intuitive web and mobile apps

Our web-based and mobile apps leverage our cross-discipline domain expertise to enable better well construction, mitigate geological risk, detect and manage operational threats, and track and analyze your KPIs.

Our Expertise

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Construct better wells

Leveraging lessons learned from previous wells, our predictive apps enable efficient and cost-effective remote well construction—and repeatable results.

  • Real-time analysis and visualization for all phases of well construction
  • Data aggregated from any source, in any format, from any service provider
  • Insights via intuitive and interactive web and mobile interfaces
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Avoid hazards while drilling

Our suite of real-time drilling-surveillance services detects and notifies you of critical operational threats and monitors and analyzes key performance indicators while drilling.

  • Monitor multiple parameters, including fluid volumes, pressures, and losses
  • Automated exception-based alarm systems
  • Visualizations through intuitive web applications

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Optimize production

Prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive real-time artificial-lift analytics that optimize production through a secure, web-based interface.

  • Minimize health and safety risks
  • Reduce well-intervention costs and downtime
  • Maximize equipment run life
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Make better decisions

Using fiber-optic sensors, our unique high-resolution HTML5 visualizations enable better operational decisions and enhance production.

  • Distributed temperature sensing
  • Distributed strain sensing
  • Distributed acoustic sensing

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Let us adapt to your requirements

The needs of oil and gas operators vary widely. With a collaborative, customer-centric approach, we can adapt our software suite and apps to any requirement and any hardware.

  • Proven analytics and insights across the full oil and gas value chain
  • Our analytics work with any field device
  • We collect, curate, and deliver data in the format you need
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Tap into our unrivalled domain expertise

From drilling to completions to production, our domain expertise can help you identify critical data, contextualize results, and recommend actions that will add value to your operations.

  • Unrivalled domain expertise across the oil and gas value chain
  • Extensive well offset data for achieving the best outcomes
  • Proactive and predictive decisions