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Monitor all your reservoir equipment, from flow sensors to submersible pumps

With 24/7 monitoring, our engineers and applications make recommendations for optimal equipment run life and reservoir performance—avoiding equipment damage and keeping your operations running smoothly while reducing the number of people required at production sites.

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Secure, fast connectivity to well-production data, no matter how remote your field

We bring connectivity to the most remote locations and ensure you have uninterrupted access to your data, streamlining workflows and enabling the cost savings and safety improvements of operating remotely.

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Improve connectivity

Baker Hughes combines reliable, real-time monitoring services with seamless, instant, and secure data transmission, enabling field-wide connectivity and simplified user experiences, delivered through an intuitive web-based interface.

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Mitigate risk

Our applications’ automatic recommendations mean you avoid shutdowns, reduce trips to the field, and recover quickly from adverse events. From HSE to well intervention, our software mitigates risk while maximizing equipment run life and availability.

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Optimize production

Our engineers surveil your operating equipment and wells around the clock, making recommendations and providing interpretable insights—with easy-to-follow workflows that can be used to optimize profitability across an asset by maximizing production while minimizing Capex & Opex.

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Control your assets remotely

From changing set points to stopping or starting production, our web-based and mobile applications equip you to control wells remotely—from any location in the world, without putting extra boots on the ground. 

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