Collaborate more effectively

Examine and share multiple models and data sets through a single view, streamlining cross-functional data workflows.

  • Enable multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Integrate workflows across distributed teams
  • Design more robust field-development plans
Accelerate decision making

Quickly compare fault and horizon interpretations and visualize reservoir simulations or well trajectories—for faster, more reliable decisions.

  • Query, analyze, and visualize project models
  • Share insights through a single view
  • View cross-sections, 3D models, and well correlations
Work flexibly

Use the application as a standalone tool or in combination with other JewelSuite™ applications or third-party software.

  • Exchange data seamlessly between applications
  • Add proprietary technology to extend functionality
  • Review data through a cost-efficient solution


Whether for new or existing field developments, effective collaboration is essential in optimizing field-development plans. The JewelSuite™ Viewer application integrates data from multiple databases, software platforms, and proprietary technologies to enable the sharing of data and information across functions and disciplines—fostering collaboration and enabling faster and more reliable decision making.

The JewelSuite Viewer application enables accurate visualizations of information-rich models that can be easily and quickly shared with multiple field-development stakeholders. With information presented through a seamlessly designed and intuitive interface, the application brings distributed teams together and gives them the clarity they need to design efficient field and asset-development plans.

Multidisciplinary teams can use the tool to examine multiple models and data sets, compare and validate fault and horizon interpretations, and visualize reservoir simulations or well trajectories. Users can query, analyze, and visualize projects using cross-sections of any shape and position, and other visualization methods, in addition to standard data-filtering views and routines.

The application offers flexibility, connectivity, and extensibility. You can use it as a standalone tool or in combination with other JewelSuite applications or third-party software. Data are seamlessly exchanged between applications through shared files, or by dragging and dropping data. In addition, because it is part of our JewelEarth™ software development ecosystem, you can easily add proprietary technology to customize functionality to your specific project needs.

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