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Solutions for measuring and analyzing moisture, oxygen, liquid, steam, and gas flow with proven technologies that are well-known and widely deployed across many industries, including oil and gas. 

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Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, develops solutions for measuring and analyzing moisture, oxygen, liquid, steam, and gas flow with proven technologies that are well-known and widely deployed across many industries, including oil and gas. 

For more than 50 years, we've been constantly evolving our product line to deliver the most effective moisture and gas measurement systems on the planet. Today, the culmination of decades of expertise, insight, and innovation is expressed in our current portfolio of gas and moisture measurement solutions:

  • Vortex Flow Meters
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Flare Management Solutions
  • Gas & Oxygen Analyzers
  • Moisture Analyzers & Hygrometers
  • Support, Services & Training

We invite you to explore our solutions, either by industry application or by product type, and as always, should you require further assistance, please contact us today and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

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Whether you're looking for Flare Management Solutions to achieve regulatory compliance, Custody Transfer Flow Meters to ensure the accuracy of your high-value assets, Moisture & Gas Analyzers to stay on top of your moisture levels, or you require outside expertise to support your current processes - Panametrics has a solution for you.

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Flare Management System
Flow Measurement
Flow Meters

Custody Transfer, Allocation, Leak Detection, Flare Flowmeters, Portable Flow Meters and Process Flow Meters

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Flow, Gas & Moisture Services 

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Here you can find all collateral created for our products and solutions. From Manuals to White Papers and more!

Hydrogen Power
Hydrogen Solutions

Panametrics’ experience and solutions in Hydrogen Economy

Water and Wastewater Solutions from Panametrics
Water and Wastewater Solutions from Panametrics

Explore our latest technologies and all the ways Panametrics can help you achieve more across your operations

RNG Solutions

Panametrics’ experience and solutions in Renewable Natural Gas Industry

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Solutions for Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

Explore our latest technologies and all the ways Panametrics can help you achieve more across your operations

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Panametrics Application Stories

How Panametrics' customers use our products to solve their business challenges

Panametrics webinars
Panametrics Webinars

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Food and Beverage Solutions

Panametrics brings hygienic solutions to the Food & Beverage Industry

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Panametrics Solutions by Industry Application
Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry faces multiple challenges when it comes to measurement, be that the accurate reporting of flare gas, custody transfer of raw and finished products, and the constant battle against moisture levels. Panametrics offers several solutions, and we have two great case studies that underscore our effectiveness.

From specific refinery applications like delayed coker unit for measurement to refinery-wide solutions and pipeline moisture measurement, Panametrics has a proven track record in bringing real value to your Oil & Gas environment.

Read how we deployed a portable solution to help an oil refinery revalidate their inline flow meters or how an all-encompassing moisture measurement solution helped a natural gas distributor stay on top of their moisture levels.

offshore drilling platform il and gas flow meters flow measurement flare management
Water & Wastewater

The Water & Wastewater Industry is currently enduring significant challenges caused by rapid urbanization, climate change, and rising customer demands.

Operators must ensure a sufficient water supply while managing resources by tracking and maintaining network efficiency, identifying leaks, and improving network segmentation while maintaining availability.

Panametrics knows how critical it is for Water & Wastewater applications to obtain accurate tracking, maintain network efficiency, identify leaks, and process raw water efficiently - all to make it potable for safe release into our environment.

Explore our latest technologies and all the ways Panametrics can help:

Water and Wastewater Solutions from Panametrics

Chemical production inherently brings with it numerous challenges specific to moisture and gas content measurement.

Our customers have relied on Panametrics' hardware and expertise to solve real-world problems in the Chemical Industry. Here we present three case studies that showcase our expertise in problem-solving in this demanding industry.

See how we designed a system for accurate, efficient measurement of oxygen content in blanket gas applications, how our solutions enable the accurate measurement of moisture in polymeric reaction mixtures, and the ability to move moisture measurement in benzene feedstock from the laboratory to the feedline.

Aerial view of twilight of oil refinery ,Shot from drone of Oil refinery and Petrochemical plant at dusk , Bangkok, Thailand

Accurate moisture measurement and the ability to control moisture levels are two very important controls for consistent and efficient plastics production.

In these two case studies, you'll see how our moisture measurement solutions helped one producer move moisture measurement away from the laboratory and onto the production floor, and another instance where the same streamlining was achieved for moisture measurement in nylon and polyester chip drying.

See how we helped players in the Plastics Industry achieve the moisture levels they desired for optimum productivity:

Moisture in pigments for paints and plastics

Complex systems in their own right, hospitals and large healthcare organizations have turned to Panametrics for years in optimizing their various gas and liquid processes.

Read one case study where Panametrics provided accurate oxygen measurement and real-world savings by deploying a TransPort PT878GC clamp-on flow meter along with our permanent gas clamp-on GC868 flow meter, and another case study where we enabled optimized steam and chilled water transmission to reduce overall energy costs thanks to our DigitalFlow™ DF868 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters and PanaFlow MV80 Vortex Flow Meters:


Energy Savings on Hospital Facilities with Panametrics
Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage industries are usually characterized by high water consumption and considerable wastewater discharge volumes. For this reason, they face significant costs for water supply and trade effluent disposal.

In addition to that, there are pumping, water, and effluent treatment costs to be considered. In these two case studies, you'll see how Panametrics helped...

  • One company achieve accurate animal fat measurements to reduce spillage due to overfilling
  • A mineral water bottler upgrade from faulty electromagnetic flow meters for worry-free, accurate readings
Food and Beverage

The Mining Industry relies heavily on the accurate accounting of raw materials.

When you cannot trust your reports due to inconsistent findings and/or faulty equipment, you have no way of knowing what sort of damage you could be doing, to both the environment and your bottom line. One customer faced such discrepancies in their water supply, which supported their drilling machines.

Once again, Panametrics was able to solve a crucial customer issue through a combination of decades of expertise in flow measurement and our industry-leading clamp-on flow meters to determine the root cause of their inaccuracies. See how we did it:

mining flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, clamp on flow meters, portable flow meters

Featured Solutions

Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Vortex Flow Meters
Flare Management Solutions
Moisture Analyzers & Hygrometers
Gas & Oxygen Analyzers
Services, Support & Training

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Panametrics first entered the ultrasonic flow meter market more than 50 years ago by introducing its state-of-the-art gas flow meter. Today’s Panametrics brand has continued to excel, with ultrasonic and vortex flow meter products and services for measurement of liquids, gases, and steam across a wide range of industries. 

Well-known for its high-technology inline and clamp-on flow meters, Panametrics provides engineers and technicians with the tools designed to handle the toughest environments and most challenging applications. Our ultrasonic line includes:

Vortex Flow Meters

MV Vortex Family of Inline Liquid Flow Meters - Our PanaFlow MV vortex meter offers a multivariable design that contains shedding velocity with RTD temperature sensors and a solid-state pressure transducer for measuring mass flow rate of steam, gases, and liquids. 

The accuracy of these meters enables velocity, temperature, and pressure to be measured at the same location.

Flare Management Solutions

For over four decades, Panametrics has used ultrasonic meters to provide a better way to measure gas flare, but the unique requirements of today’s flare gas measurement and control applications now require more complex solutions.

At Panametrics, we offer IoT Oil & Gas solutions for measuring, monitoring, and controlling flare gas flow, reducing emissions, lowering costs, and bringing greater reliability to your upstream, midstream, or downstream operations. 

Our extensive knowledge of flare applications provides more than just flow information. With tools like the flare.IQ platform which utilizes an advanced process control algorithm, we are able to work with our customers to efficiently control flares, while also providing world-class ultrasonic flowmeters, services, and training you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

Moisture Analyzers & Hygrometers

Panametrics, A Baker Hughes business, offer moisture analyzer systems to support your process decisions with confidence. Reliable and stable, our products and services are backed by decades of industry experience and by knowledgeable experts to help you understand your application.

We deliver the best combination of technologies for the measurements you need to optimize your processes. Our solutions include:

  • Dew Point Hygrometers
  • Chilled Mirror Hygrometers
  • Trace Moisture Analyzers, Transmitters, and Probes
  • Tunable Diode Laser (TDLAS) Analyzers
  • Portable Hygrometers / Handheld Dew Point Meters


Gas & Oxygen Analyzers

Panametrics, A Baker Hughes business, offer gas analyzer systems to support your process decisions with confidence. Reliable and stable, our products and services are backed by decades of industry experience and by knowledgeable experts to help you understand your application.

We deliver the best combination of technologies for the measurements you need to optimize your processes. Our solutions include:

  • Thermal Conductivity Analyzers
  • Zirconium Oxygen Sensors
  • Fuel Cell Oxygen Sensors
  • Paramagnetic Oxygen Sensors


Services, Support & Training

Panametrics' versatile training curriculum allows qualified instructors to customize course topics based on relevant equipment at each customer site.

With years of field experience, our trainers have a deep knowledge of product installations, operation, and maintenance. This, combined with proven teaching skills and commitment to knowledge transfer will ensure your team has a positive learning experience.

From theory to advanced troubleshooting, Panametrics can craft a training solution that will instantly upgrade your current knowledge base.

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Panametrics Flare Calculator
An Interactive Flare System

How to accurately measure the amount of steam fed to the flare tip for a smokeless operation is a common challenge among flare stack operators and process control engineers.

Between regulations and a corporate responsibility to improve the environmental landscape, companies are discovering that reliable digital solutions can ease the pressure on control engineers allowing them to focus their time on maintaining a safe environment for the refinery with reliable data & insights.

To better understand how our flare management systems can help, Panametrics has developed an interactive flare solutions tool accessible online and with no cost.


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