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Panametrics Launches the TransPort® PT900 Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Improved Ease of Use, Durability and Low Cost of Ownership

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BILLERICA, MA – March 30, 2017 Today Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business introduced the TransPort® PT900 Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter, a clamp-on meter for liquid flow measurement. Significant customer research and input informed the design of the TransPort, leading to an all-new transmitter and clamping fixture and app-driven user interface on an Android tablet.

Depending on job requirements, technicians with varying levels of expertise may need to use portable meters daily or less frequently. To account for the differing experience levels and frequency of use requirements, the TransPort is so easy to install and intuitive to use that anyone can confidently make a flow measurement in just minutes and then move on to their next task. They do not need to spend valuable time programming and installing the meter.

Despite being a new design, the TransPort PT900 capitalizes on the superior transducer performance of its successful predecessor, the Panametrics TransPort® PT878. “The PT878 has a solid reputation for its reliable and accurate performance,” said Tom Michalowski, Global Product Manager for clamp-on flow meters, Panametrics. “We took the best features from that product and improved upon it. The simplified user interface and installation process of the TransPort means users, regardless of their level of experience, can strap the fixture onto the pipe, program the electronics, and be ready to record measurements all within 10 minutes.”

Since the clamp-on TransPort measures flow from outside a pipe, it does not require the process to be shut down for installation. Its portability allows it to be moved easily from location to location for temporary or spot flow measurement or check metering. Rugged transducers handle most pipe sizes and materials and liquids ranging from ultrapure to extremely dirty water and refined hydrocarbon liquids to crude oil, making it perfect for industries ranging from oil & gas and petrochem to water/wastewater and industrial.

Other TransPort advantages include:

  • Bluetooth® communication between transmitter and tablet for wireless freedom
  • Easy programming with touch screen, multiple-language user interface on an off-the-shelf Android tablet
  • Fast responding transmitter with LED health indicators to ensure it’s always ready to use
  • 8 GB of memory allowing for large data logs
  • Improved accuracy (± 1% of reading)
  • Easy to install clamping fixture that is virtually foolproof for confidence in the measurement