Panametrics launches XMTCpro thermal conductivity binary gas analyzer

The new XMTCpro is a compact, rugged, online thermal conductivity transmitter that measures the concentration of binary gas mixtures including hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, helium and many others. 


Featuring real-time error detection and enhanced signal measurement for fastest response, the SIL-certified XMTCpro is contamination resistant by design, requiring minimal maintenance and making it ideal for widescale adoption across harsh-environment, industrial applications.

Key Benefits

The XMTCpro is available with an integrated display and intuitive user interface. The XMTCpro also combines computer enhanced signal measurement for fastest response, real-time error detection, and MODBUS digital communication.

XMTCpro brings the user:

  • Ultra-stable thermal conductivity sensor
  • Compact design for economic sample system integration
  • Intuitive operating interface allows short learning curve, easy and flexible to use
  • Integrated high contrast, easy-to-read multiparameter display
  • MODBUS digital communication provides measurement and configuration data
  • High level of reliability with SIL 2 by design