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PT900 check meter

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In Northern China there are many water plants with lots of large electromagnetic flow meters. Per local regulation these need to be verified once a year. The verification is a cumbersome process, takes a lot time and money for the water plants.



A plant operator needed a check meter that could install easily, without interrupting the flow, to assess the installed electromagnetic meter. The verification should obtain a measurement error between the two meters that stays within an acceptable ±2% error limit, then inline meter verification cycle can be extended to 2 years or more.



The following features were required from the check meter: 1. Accuracy within ±1% of reading 2. Online data storage for a month 3. 2 channels

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The Panametrics Transport PT900 clamp on flow meter was used with C-RS 401 transducer to verify a DN800 (32”) Mag meter for a three-month period. The average difference between the meters were below 1.5%.

The customer was satisfied with Transport PT900 performance and ordered two additional units. The customer managed to reduce their maintenance budget while increased the plant availability and yield.

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