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Paul de Leeuw

Director Energy Tranisition Institute, Robert Gordon University

Paul is a senior industry leader and executive with over 30 years’ experience in the global energy sector. 

He has worked in a wide range of companies, including Shell, Marathon Oil, Amoco, BP, Venture Production and Centrica.

He is currently the Director of Robert Gordon University’s Energy Transition Institute, a Professor at Robert Gordon University, Chair of the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre, Chair of PlanSea Solutions, Chair of eCERTO, a Board member of the Oil and Gas Technology Centre and a member of the Opportunity North East (ONE) Energy Board. 

Paul is an experienced non-executive director, with over 20 years’ of involvement in public, private and voluntary sector organisations. 

Paul is also a regular contributor to industry events and a commentator on issues and developments in the international energy sector.