We are committed to cleaner, safer, and more efficient energy for people and the planet.

We have proactively worked to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions over the last decade and continue efforts to reduce our overall environmental footprint. In 2019, we made a commitment to achieve net-zero CO2 equivalent by 2050 and entered into an agreement to purchase renewable energy for our Texas sites. We believe that leadership in the energy transition to low-carbon solutions is both the right thing to do for the planet and good business.

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Energy and climate

We are committed to meeting the world’s growing energy needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Baker Hughes employee holding a device for methane testing

Low carbon solutions for customers

In 2019 we commercially deployed a portfolio of low carbon solutions, and we will continue to develop new technology to help our customers meet their emissions reduction goals. 

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Dedicated to sound environmental practices

Our environmental management system addresses waste reduction, water quality and conservation, and protecting land and its biodiversity.

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Planet progress dashboard

Learn more about our progress and next steps to meet our environmental goals.