• Increase pipeline throughput and reduce friction
  • Minimize impact on refining operations and fuel quality
  • Decrease pumping energy requirements

  • Asphaltenic crude oils

Increase the pipeline throughput of your heavier crudes with the FLO™ ULTIMA 91000 drag reducing agent (DRA) from Baker Hughes. Designed to deliver optimal performance in asphaltenic crudes, FLO ULTIMA 91000 DRA is a safe, cost-effective drag reduction option when traditional DRAs prove ineffective.


Proven performance with no processing impacts

Most DRAs have limited solubility in heavy, high-asphaltene crudes, which limits their effectiveness at reducing drag. FLO ULTIMA 91000 DRA contains a proprietary, high molecular weight polymer designed to alter the rheological properties of your heavy oil. As a result, your pipelines exhibit reduced friction at the pipe wall, which increases throughput while lowering your pumping energy requirements.

FLO ULTIMA 91000 DRA achieves effective pipeline drag reduction without undergoing a chemical reaction. The product’s aqueous portion will partition into the water phase of a desalter in refinery operations, but does not contain components that will affect a wastewater treatment plant. The organic component of our DRA contains only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. As a result, the product does not negatively impact distillation cuts, fuel quality, or JFTOT testing.

FLO ULTIMA 91000 DRA’s large molecular weight makes it susceptible to degradation when exposed to high shear forces. Limit these risks by injecting the product after your pumps to maintain effective drag reduction.

Contact us today to learn how FLO ULTIMA 91000 DRA can optimize throughput for your asphaltenic crude pipelines.  


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