You need accurate information from reliable sensors and gauges to control your well’s performance. A dependable flow of equipment condition data to your artificial lift controllers allows you to quickly adjust to changing production patterns, as well as identify and correct equipment problems before a major failure shuts in the well.

Reliable downhole monitoring systems from Baker Hughes deliver accurate, real-time measurements for fast assessment of well and artificial lift system performance. Coupled with permanent cable-to-surface connections, our gauge systems enable you to make accurate decisions to prolong system run life, unlock enhanced oil recovery, and reduce operating costs.

Our permanent quartz gauges provide high-quality, accurate data to enable optimized reservoir performance without the need for intervention. We also offer severe well systems for fast, appropriate, and confident assessment of well and lift system performance in harsh, high-temperature conditions (up to 435°F [224°C]).

Having the right data at the right time is the difference between success and failure. Select from our field-proven sensors and gauges to optimize your well’s performance.

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