• Optimize performance and detect anomalies in all lift types
  • Avoid downtime through equipment diagnostics and failure identification
  • Streamline repair activities with robust condition-based maintenance

  • Artificial lift systems in remote field locations—onshore and off
  • Trend analysis of lift performance and well production
  • Predictive failure analysis



Get assured, real-time monitoring of your artificial lift systems with ProductionLink® Insight from Baker Hughes.  This web-based software monitors and diagnoses your lift equipment and well production—looking for anomalies that hinder optimal lift performance and reservoir recovery.


Optimize your lift systems with a fully flexible monitoring solution

ProductionLink Insight’s exception-based, remote monitoring solution supports all artificial lift types—from electrical submersible pumping and progressive cavity pumping to rod, gas, and plunger lift.

ProductionLink Insight gives you unsurpassed flexibility in how you monitor, control, and optimize your lift systems. The solution enables closed-loop control of artificial lift drives and is compatible with all common data standards.

The solution allows for integrated case management through its automated reporting system. ProductionLink is also available in an award-winning mobile application that can be run on iOS and Android platforms.


Predict system failures—early and efficiently

ProductionLink Insight helps you estimate the remaining useful life of your lift systems with its Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) capabilities. The solution combines machine learning, Weibull, and rule-based approaches to predict the survival probability of your system over a forecasted time horizon.

ProductionLink Insight-PFA incorporates a full range of time-series, production, well construction, and reservoir data as inputs for a sequential analysis process that includes feature engineering, anomaly detection, damage indicators, and model training and deployment.

With ProductionLink Insight-PFA, you can predict lift system failure with far more precision—and avoid the costly downtime and deferred production associated with replacing a failed lift system.

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