• Optimize the operation of your lift systems
  • Minimize downtime and maintenance costs
Other Benefits

  • Maximize the production potential of each well



ProductionLink® IPM from Baker Hughes gives you effective production tracking, forecasting, and integrated well performance modeling tools to help you optimize your artificial lift systems.


Model with certainty

ProductionLink IPM gives you fully integrated nodal analysis for both single and multilateral wells. You can automatically update your well models when connected to SCADA/Historians and integrate well test data for improved model accuracy.


Diagnose your well and lift systems

ProductionLink IPM gives you powerful tools to fully diagnose the performance of your lift systems and identify problems early. Get detailed diagnostics on your gas lift, electrical submersible pumping, and plunger lift systems and continually track the efficiency and performance of your pumps to further optimize your lift system operability.


Track and benchmark

Track the operation of your lift systems with powerful tracking and benchmarking tools. ProductionLink IPM gives you monthly production forecasts, forecasting reports, run time reports, loss calculations, and detailed decline curve analysis—all of which give you a detailed view of what’s working with your lift system and what needs to be improved.


Manage by exception

With daily operational reports and notifications on your key performance indicators (KPIs), ProductionLink IPM lets you manage your lift systems by exception. Target your maintenance activities and deploy your crews to those lift systems requiring immediate service. Make optimal use of your resources while keeping your systems running at peak levels.

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