Artificial lift power systems from Baker Hughes deliver reliable and adaptable power to optimize the performance of your lift systems.


Precise, flexible power solutions

Maximize your well’s production with our variable speed drive (VSD) technologies, which adapt the power supply to your lift system based on the changing conditions of the downhole production environment.  This offers a critical advantage over constant speed controllers that deliver the same power output, regardless of the changing dynamics of the reservoir.

And by linking your VSDs to our automated control systems, you get unparalleled control and reliability to reduce your power and downtime costs while increasing production.

Whether your application requires power for low-horsepower/low-flow electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems, progressing cavity pumping (PCP) systems, or surface pumping systems, power solutions from Baker Hughes deliver sizable operational advantages.

  • Quickly adapt to changing fluid inflow characteristics. Adjust your power as the production profile changes to prevent damage to your lift system equipment.
  • Ensure reliable power in any environment. Get assured power for your lift system in applications including geothermal, SAGD, and other elevated-temperature environments; arctic, tropical, and desert conditions; and shale plays with challenging production profiles.
  • Lower your operating expenses. Monitor power functions like instantaneous kW, power factor, efficiency, and kW-hours to optimize energy usage and costs.
  • Make informed operations decisions. Use the VSD’s monitoring and automation service to deliver field data to the office for collaborative decision making.   

Contact us to learn how artificial lift power systems from Baker Hughes can boost your production rates while lowering your operating costs.

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