Optimize the performance of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems with ESP control and automation solutions from Baker Hughes.

Optimize your production with advanced control systems that extend ESP operations and run life. Our Electrospeed Advantage™ and Vector Plus™ variable speed drives let you adjust your production as fluid inflow characteristics change—helping you avoid common ESP challenges such as gas locking, difficult startups, excess power consumption, and power sags.

Our flexible control options come with a graphical interface for simple operations that give you the choice of controlling your pumps locally or remotely.

Couple your control solutions with Zenith™ E-Series gauges, which provide continuous and reliable pressure and temperature data, including discharge pressures, motor winding temperature, and pump vibration.

With these proven, integrated solutions, you’re assured accurate ESP performance monitoring and direct, live control to ensure reliable operation and minimize costly downtime and repairs.

Contact us to learn how our ESP control and automation solutions can optimize your pump performance and well production.


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