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  • Boost the application range of ESP systems in high gas content wells
  • Get consistently higher, reliable gas separation efficiency
  • Eliminate gas locking to extend pump uptime

  • Multiphase fluid production wells
  • Wells with high free gas content



Maximize production through your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems with the GasMaster™ gas separator from Baker Hughes. Specially designed for multiphase fluid wells with high free gas content, the gas separator elevates gas handling capabilities of your ESP systems to new levels. 

Built on the more than four decades of field application success of our Centrilift™ centrifugal gas separators, the GasMaster is an extensively researched and tested gas separator. Design advances raise the total flow rate through the separator into the pump while providing improved separation efficiency.

The gas separator is designed with a high angle vane auger, along with redesigned intake and discharge head assemblies for improved efficiency and reliability. These features are the keys for enhanced gas handling – providing higher two-phase fluid flow while increasing pressure.

This higher pressure in the gas separator chamber provides more energy to push higher volumes of gas out into the well annulus, eliminating gas locking and extending the application range of your ESP systems in multiphase fluid wells.

Contact us to learn how the GasMaster gas separator can maximize the performance of your ESP systems by minimizing gas risks.

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