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  • Get effective gravity-driven and mechanical gas separation in a single pump intake
  • Efficiently manages gas regardless of wellbore orientation
  • Divert gas intake to the pump and reduce downtime due to gas lock

  • Small-diameter wells with high gas-to-oil ratio (GOR)
  • Small-diameter unconventional wells with steep production declines



Get assured, single-solution gas avoidance and separation with the niXit™ gas mitigation intake from Baker Hughes.

Unlike other available pump intakes, the niXit intake combines gravity-driven natural separation and mechanical gas separation technologies for more effective gas removal and uninterrupted production from your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system.

The niXit intake can be landed at any angle in your wellbore. When it is landed at a non-vertical position, the intake’s gravity cups shift to block the pump inlet ports on the high side of the intake where the gas accumulates. This design allows the fluid to pass through the lower ports to feed the pump.

When landed vertically in the well, the niXit intake’s gas avoiding system is more passive, enabling the mechanical gas separation portion of the system to divert free gas away from the pump and into the annulus.

The result is a system that helps separate and block gas from entering your pump. You’re assured greater protection to your internal pump components, reduced risk of downtime due to gas lock, and overall improved production rates.

Contact us today to learn how the niXit gas mitigation intake can improve the gas handling capabilities of your ESP system for optimal performance.

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