• Prevents electrical faults in your motor
  • Improves protection against H2S and gas
  • Offers improved expansion/contraction capacity

  • Conventional oil wells in remote locations or with harsh downhole conditions
  • Offshore dry tree wells
  • Subsea and deepwater wells



Get assured performance from your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems in harsh downhole environments with eXtreme Performance™ (XP) seals. By offering superior protection to your CENtrilift™ XP production systems, you’re assured reliable, extended run life in high-temperature, corrosive well conditions.


Designed for durability to keep fluids out

Our XP seals, led by the CENtrilift™ XP 500 series seal with Vanguard construction, include several design advances that ensure reliable motor protection in the harshest conditions.

  • The premium metal bellows-based mechanical seal replaces conventional elastomeric boot seals to provide a gas-impermeable barrier to the pump’s motor oil
  • The seal’s patented Labyrinth-In-A-Bag technology provides greater redundancy, increases abrasion/corrosion resistance, offers greater expansion/contraction capacity, guards against rapid gas decompression, and withstands higher temperatures
  • The premium check valve provides greater long-term reliability, even after aging, to prevent exposure to well fluid
  • The seal’s high-load upthrust bearing protects the seal assembly while eliminating pad flutter

And by leveraging out PreService™ solutions, you can prefill the eXtreme seal in the factory and install it the field, for greater reliability and less rig time.

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