To lower the lifecycle costs of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems, you need assured efficiency and reliability. Integrated ESP systems from Baker Hughes deliver a streamlined supply of customized lift solutions to lower your costs while boosting your well’s production.


Reliable solutions from integrated systems

Integrated systems give you the consistent quality and reliability you need from your ESP system. We are the only lift company that manufactures all major components of our lift systems, including pumps, motors, seals, variable speed drives, and cables. This fact eliminates any compatibility issues that arise when installing competing systems from different suppliers, while giving you a single point of contact for effective ESP management.

Whether you face ultra-wide flowrate ranges, gas slugging, tight-radius well trajectories, ultra-high bottomhole temperatures, or power supply constraints, we have cost-effective, integrated ESP solutions to solve any processing challenge. Built on our proven CENtrilfit™ electrical pumping systems, our solutions include:

  • The CENesis™ PHASE multiphase encapsulated production solution to naturally separate gas slugs from the production stream before they enter the pump
  • The CENtrilift™ PASS slimline ESP system, which delivers high production rates from a small-diameter ESP design
  • The CENesis™ Curve tight-radius system, which passes through high buildup-rate wellbores to land closer to the pay zone for improved reservoir recovery
  • The CENtigrade™ elevated temperature production system, which is designed with higher temperature tolerances for use in SAGD operations and other thermal recovery applications

Regardless of your need, our integrated ESP systems deliver significant operational benefits to your wells.

  • An assured supply chain for efficient delivery
  • Proven reliability from components thoroughly tested for compatibility and performance
  • Fast troubleshooting and problem-solving from a single point of contact
  • ESP optimization improvements from application experts who thoroughly understand the operation of every component

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