Sizing and simulation software from Baker Hughes gives you the unparalleled ability to design and optimize the performance of lift systems specific to your production needs.


Solutions for wide-ranging systems

Software such as Baker Hughes's Centrilift AutographPC™ offers powerful tools to develop comprehensive and user-friendly lift system designs.

You can precisely design a range of production systems, including:

  • Electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems
  • Electrical submersible progressing cavity pumping systems
  • Rod-driven progressing cavity pumping systems
  • Horizontal surface pumping systems 
  • Gas lift systems

Each system installation is unique. This software lets you enter all well information, including production characteristics, fluid properties and well conditions, during the initial design phase to produce the optimum solution for each size.

And by integrating our sizing software with powerful lift simulation software, you get a design that demonstrates how changing wellbore conditions will impact the lift system in both real and accelerated time.

Your production system benefits from our artificial lift and application simulation software in several ways.

Select the right size and type of lift. Use our design and performance simulations to determine how changes to lift type and size will impact your long-term production

Add the time variable to your sizing models. Track the dynamics of the well in conjunction with your pump’s operating point

Reveal critical, dynamic conditions during startup and well draw down. Improve run life by using our software’s unique ability to predict speeds that will reduce system stress during startup and draw down

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