• Get steady, reliable downhole data to optimize lift system performance
  • Ensure properly sized ESP systems to maximize well productivity
  • Extend production life with reliable monitoring in extreme downhole conditions

  • ESP well production operations
  • Mature producing wells
  • High-pressure/high-temperature wells



Ensure a continuous, accurate stream of valuable well and pump condition data with Zenith™ E- Series ESP gauges from Baker Hughes. Our proven gauges provide reliable data on the downhole condition of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system to ensure optimal performance.


Optimize ESP performance in a range of downhole conditions

Common environmental challenges of mature wells, increasingly harsh operating environments, and widespread cost control concerns make the need for knowledge of downhole conditions more critical than ever. Without accurate, reliable downhole data, your artificial lift system is vulnerable to significant operational risks that may inhibit your wells from producing at optimal rates.

Lack of information might lead to improperly sizing your ESP system. You also run the risk of not seeing production or equipment issues until production rates decline or the ESP system fails.

Zenith E-Series ESP gauges give you critical, real-time pump and production information for effective well management. Choose a gauge from one of multiple specifications, which is suited to your specific application:

  • Low-production wells with small economic impact
  • Prolific wells or challenging production conditions
  • High-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) well environments


Gain unmatched flexibility in your pump monitoring capabilities

Gauge options are also available to measure intake pressure and intake temperature, which helps prevent pump-off and provides well pressure surveillance. Add discharge pressure and temperature, as well as motor winding temperature and vibration, to your Zenith E-Series ESP gauge monitoring for full well analyses to assess performance and optimize production.

And thanks to their compatibility with Sabio™ ProductionLink™ artificial lift monitoring technologies, Zenith E-Series gauges give you unprecedented real-time transmission and monitoring of artificial lift operational data. With these direct measurements, you’ll be assured more informed decisions on how to safely operate your pump for maximum performance and optimal production rates.

Installed in more than 28,000 wells globally, our gauges have built a heritage of reliability, engineering excellence, and assured compatibility with all ESP manufacturers’ equipment—standard or rigless-deployed.

Contact us today to learn how Zenith E-Series ESP gauges can extend your lift system’s run life while boosting your production.

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