• Decrease CAPEX by eliminating the need for a sweetening tower
  • Lower OPEX and improve reliability by minimizing secondary effects and downstream impacts
  • Reduce chemical consumption demands to simplify logistics

  • Fast acting, cost-effective multiphase scavenging for H2S
  • Does not generate insoluble reaction product even if overspent
  • Does not promote scaling

  • Sour mixed production environments
  • Sour wet oil
  • Downhole and surface applications

Eliminate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) at the earliest stages of your well’s mixed production with the FULLSWEET™ multiphase H2S scavenger from Baker Hughes. This first-of-its-kind, non-triazine scavenger effectively removes H2S, both downhole and topside, to maximize your production rates with minimal field expense and lower environmental impact.

Overcome the limitations of conventional scavenger chemistries

As H2S contamination becomes a more persistent challenge in your mixed production and sour gas environments, you need a fast, cost-effective, and reliable solution. Unlike conventional triazine-based scavengers, the FULLSWEET multiphase H2S treatment is a non-triazine scavenger, delivering unique benefits that overcome the common shortcomings of conventional alternatives.

  • High scavenging efficiency at low dosages. Unlike triazine-based scavengers that require high treatment rates, the FULLSWEET scavenger is effectively applied at much lower dosages. You’ll save money on your treatment programs while simplifying your in-field logistics and lowering your environmental footprint.
  • No solid reaction products or negative side issues. Conventional scavengers create undesirable side effects including solids generation, scaling, corrosion, and emulsion issues. In contrast, the FULLSWEET scavenger does not produce solid reaction products, meaning that you no longer need demulsifiers, scale inhibitors, or corrosion inhibitors—minimizing potential processing problems further downstream.  
  • Fast and effective scavenging performance. Triazine-based scavengers demonstrate poor scavenging effectiveness and kinetics in mixed-fluid systems. The FULLSWEET non-triazine scavenger’s ability to partition in water and oil translates to higher H2S removal capacity. You’ll get improved scavenger performance and on-spec oil and gas with faster reaction times.
  • Significant CAPEX and OPEX savings. Conventional H2S scavengers are applied after the separator to improve treatment effectiveness, which results in costly metallurgical upgrades for carbon steel-constructed wells. The FULLSWEET scavenger’s ability to remove H2S during downhole treatments reduces your CAPEX/OPEX on material upgrades. And because the FULLSWEET scavenger is a single-phase treatment, you’ll avoid the expense of a tower and an extra fluid separation step.
  • No waste disposal or costs. Spent conventional scavengers add costs for safe and compliant disposal, but with the FULLSWEET scavenger there is no waste created, saving you further costs by eliminating waste storage, shipping and disposal.

Get assured H2S scavenging from a proven solution

In a growing number of field applications, the FULLSWEET H2S multiphase scavenger consistently shows better scavenging efficiency than any conventional triazine-based chemistry on the market. In sour fields with low-to-high system temperatures, high water cuts, or 100% oil, this unique chemistry lowers field treatment costs and environmental risks in the most challenging operating environments.

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