Well Completions

Get the most production out of any well design

Baker Hughes’ sealing and anchoring technologies, meticulous planning, and a no-nonsense approach to risk avoidance maximize production, reduce intervention cost, and extend the life of your well.

The scope and depth of our reliable completion solutions allow you to create the ideal conduit from formation to surface, regardless of your well type or operating environment. Specifically for cased-hole applications, we offer superior completion designs, built with our proprietary InQuest TubeMove 3.0 software that accurately models downhole stresses and increases reliability. Across cased and openhole completions, we consistently deliver state-of-the art products and services to provide optimized solutions to fit specific problems, providing the greatest return on your field development investment.

From high-rate, big-bore completions in Indonesia to multizone, openhole horizontals in shale gas multilaterals in Texas—and everywhere else—our completion systems are improving ROI and minimizing life-of-well cost.


Completion Fluids

We offer a complete line of solids-free fluids designed to help you effectively complete your well and initiate an economically viable production flow.


Production Packers

Reduce risk and cost using the industry’s most comprehensive packer systems and superior flow control devices.


Subsurface Safety Systems

Our self-equalizing, surface-controlled subsurface safety valves reduce risk and increase profit compared with completions using nonequalizing valves.


Liner Hanger System

Enhance production, mitigate or stop water production, and isolate nonproductive zones.


Sand Control Pumping, Tools, and Services

Our field-proven sand control solutions reduce the serious economic and safety risks of sand production.


Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

Improve reservoir connectivity to maximize production. Future stimulation treatments are more effective at reduced cost.


Drill-In Fluids

Our reservoir drill-in fluids are specialized systems formulated to protect your pay zone during wellbore construction and maximize your hydrocarbon recovery.


Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing

Accelerate completion times and optimize production with field-proven single- and multiple-entry fracturing systems for open and cased hole applications.

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