Liner Hanger System

Reduce risk and CAPEX

Our liner hanger systems will enable you to reduce capital expense and minimize risk in a wide variety of applications. Used strategically, these technologies result in quantifiable reductions in overall well construction costs. And, they often improve well performance.

Our portfolio of completion design liner systems, tools, and accessories enable the ideal openhole completion. Save time and money compared with traditional cemented and perforated wells. Our portfolio includes liner hangers, liner packers, setting tools and accessories, surface cementing equipment, and external casing packers.

We’ve greatly extended the utility of liners with a liner drilling system, which combines high-performance Baker Hughes casing drilling bits, drilling fluids, and liner hanger systems. This system reliably delivers casing across tough, problematic zones. It greatly reduces occurrences of stuck pipe, lost circulation and losing hole sections.

Recently, we developed with Statoil the world’s first steerable liner drilling system. We successfully tested the systems from the Brage platform in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. A steerable system that gives you the ability to accurately drill and log three-dimensional well profiles with a liner attached directly to the drillstring is an entirely new concept. The system is designed to withstand high circulation rates and high torque loads while providing liner connect and disconnect capabilities.


Float Equipment

Float equipment allows you to install nearly any cementing accessory directly into the liner casing, without the expense of premium threads and exotic materials.


Liner Hanger Packers

Our liner hanger packers provide a complete liner hanger system for cemented liner applications.


Hydraulic Liner Hangers

We have a variety of hydraulic-set liner hangers that give you more well design options in liner completions, particularly when corrosion-resistant alloy casing is involved.


Liner Packers

Our liner top packers give your liner completions a more reliable seal than cement. We have several models ranging from low- to moderate-use to high performance types.


Liner Setting Sleeves

Liner-setting sleeves are part of a series of setting tools that provide the physical attachment between a running string and liners.


Liner Setting Tools, Accessories, and Packoffs

We offer a wide choice of setting tools and accessories that optimize the performance of running strings and improve the efficiency of liner installations.


Liner Tieback Equipment

Our liner tieback equipment is ideal for reentry applications, such as deepening existing wells or sidetracking rather than drilling new wells from the surface.


Mechanical Liner Hangers

For hanging liner in existing casing, our liner hangers are available in load capacities to fit any application. Mechanical or hydraulic actuation is available.


Plug Systems

Our plug systems are industry standards for separating displacement fluid from cement, effectively wiping tubulars, and reducing cement contamination when doing a cement job.


Surface Cementing Equipment

Our surface cementing equipment efficiently handles high hook loads, torques and pump pressures.


Liner Drilling Systems

Liner drilling systems replace liner hangers and packers for installing liner. Our EZLine™ system is the answer for delivering casing across tough, problematic zones.


Cementing Valves and Inflation Tools

Our cementing valves and inflation tools are used in a variety of applications, ranging from zone isolation to plug and abandonment campaigns.


External Casing Packers

Openhole horizontal completions using external casing packers (ECPs) for zonal isolation are increasing in number because of their cost and operational advantages.


Non-Inflatable Mechanical Isolation Packers

Our mechanical isolation packers deliver better time-to-seal control and a wider hole-size range than swellable-technology packers.


Reactive Element (RE) Packers

We offer several types of reactive element packers that are triggered by contact with well fluids.


Cytadel ZX Electronically-Actuated Packer

The Cytadel ZX™ electronically-actuated casing packer provides a gas-tight annular seal to protect against dangerous SCP build-up and sets remotely to improve rigsite efficiency.

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