External Casing Packers

Lower completion costs with reduced install time, precise zone isolation

Our external casing packers (ECPs) integrate with our other completion technology to lower completion costs by providing precise zonal isolation with reduced installation time.

Openhole horizontal completions using ECPs for zonal isolation are increasing in number because of their cost and operational advantages. This type of completion is installed with slotted pipe or screen across production intervals isolated by ECPs. This method, integrated with standard liner hanger equipment set in one trip, allows for production at a lower completion cost. When used with sliding sleeves, it also increases the options for water shutoff or shutoff of a naturally depleting interval.

Our XTremeZone™ 20/40 external casing packer provides the highest pressure ratings in the industry and greater reliability in out-of-round holes. The XTremeZone ECP is a primary cementing and zone isolation packer with an inflatable packing element used as an integral part of the casing string to provide a seal between the casing and the wellbore. The inflatable element is expanded by pumping cement or other fluid down the casing and is compatible with ongoing cementing operations. It provides reliable zonal isolation in cemented or uncemented completions and can be used in conjunction with liners or long-string casing.

The XTremeZone ECP is available in 20 ft (6.10 m) and 40 ft (12.19 m) lengths, with many casing sizes, weights, thread connections, materials, and yield strengths. It is the only external casing packer in the industry to pass rigorous testing specifically for irregular shaped boreholes.

Our PAYZONE™ Type ECP is the standard for applications requiring longer sealing elements and using cement as the inflation medium. Seal lengths of 20 ft (6.0 m) and 40 ft (12.1 m) are available.

The PAYZONE packer has proven effective in extremely harsh installations. For example, it was used in one of the world’s deepest inflatable installations in 22,868 ft offshore with the HM™ Horizontal Inflation Tool. It has been installed in wells with BHST up to 600 deg. F (316 deg. C) and successfully through doglegs of 86 deg./100 ft (30 m).

Our ISOZONE™ ECP supplements the PAYZONE Type ECPs for applications requiring the features and benefits of the PAYZONE but without the added seal length. Seal lengths of 7 ft (2.1 m) and 10 ft (3.0 m) are available.

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