Float Equipment

Reduce cementing costs with equipment installation flexibility

Our patented Insert Seal Unit allows nearly any cementing accessory to be installed directly into the liner casing, without the expense of premium threads and exotic materials.

The insert is a recent concept for installing liner cementing accessories (including float equipment) in liner casing strings. The compact aluminum insert has a zero extrusion gap design that's installed in a casing joint by applying pressure to setting tools with a hydraulic pump. Add-on components attached to the top and bottom of the insert convert it to the different cement accessories.

The modular Insert Seal Unit is a compact aluminum module with a 360 deg. aluminum slip. It easily converts to a landing collar, float collar, guide/float shoe, drillable packoff, or ball catcher sub. The simple and reliable installation can be performed at the well site. Since no body is required, the expense of premium threads and exotic materials is eliminated.

Each seal unit is designed to cover a specific range of casing. Once installed, it's permanently anchored and sealed in place. Depending on the required component configuration, accessory components are threaded to the bottom or top of the seal unit.

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