Liner Hanger Packers

Reduce cemented liner installation risks, cut well costs

Our liner hanger packers provide a complete liner hanger system for cemented liner applications. External moving parts can be rotationally locked to the body, preventing backoff of threaded outer components and damage to the hydraulic seals if extensive rotation of the liner is required to reach bottom.

The Model 3D™liner hanger/packer is an economical, one-piece hanger and packer for uncemented liners. It is ideal for use as lower packer of scab liner to isolate damaged casing, and it can also be run upside-down and pulled in tension for shallow scab liners. The Model 3D liner hanger/packer is also used as a large-bore injection packer on disposal wells.

Our INLine™ liner hanger/packer system addresses the challenges of installing tight-clearance liners. A significant reduction in overall well cost can be realized by decreasing initial hole size and reducing the size of the steps between casing diameters (low annular clearance). Historically, the performance ratings of liner hanger assemblies in these casing combinations were marginal because of limited wall thickness available. Burst/collapse pressure ratings and hanging capacities were often inadequate to meet project requirements.

The INLine system offers nearly twice the load capacity and significantly improved pressure integrity over conventional equipment of equivalent size. The standard INLine has a million pound load capacity (454 metric tons) and a 5,500 psi (379 bar) pressure rating to handle the most demanding tight-clearance application. This is achieved by combining several leading-edge technologies into a single tool. The INLine system is composed of:

  • an innovative hydraulically actuated liner hanger with FLEX-LOCK™ style slips
  • a compression-set ZXP™ Liner packer
  • a retrievable packoff profile integral to the hanger/packer mandrel.

The JMZX™ liner tieback packer is typically run using a setting sleeve and setting tool on drillpipe, or when tying back a liner to the surface, or when scabbing across damaged casing above the liner. Our ZX seal, FLEX-LOCK slip, and Bullet Seal technologies have been merged into this high-performance liner tieback packer.

The TORXS™ expandable liner hanger system is the only expandable liner hanger system that allows the liner to be hung off and the running tool released from the liner before displacing cement or setting the packer. In addition, the system does not require a critically timed high-pressure plug bump as the primary activation method, or release of the running tool. These two functional technology advances reduce the catastrophic risks commonly associated with all other expandable liner hanger systems during the hanger setting and cementing phases of liner installations.

Our TORXS technology allows the hanger to be set before displacing cement, and the packer set after cement is in place, independently and at any depth or hole angle. So, there is virtually no risk of the running tool becoming stuck in cement or dealing with the consequences.

Exploiting the benefits of expandable technology with conventional operational methodology raises the expectations for future liner installations. TORXS liner hanger system eliminates all hanger mechanisms exposed to annular flow while maximizing the annular flow area (as much as 40%), and provides superior torsion and tensile capabilities and balanced internal hydraulics that allow for high-rate circulation, without premature activation of the system.

Our Uniflex™ and Uniflex Pro liner hanger/packer is the industry's first complete liner hanger system for cemented liner applications, built on a one-piece mandrel with no internal connections. The compact system includes a hydraulic-set FLEX-LOCK hanger section, an integral profile for RS seal assembly, and a ZXP liner packer, with a single premium threaded connection at the bottom of the tool. External moving parts are rotationally locked to the body, preventing back-off of threaded outer components and damage to the hydraulic seals if extensive rotation of the liner is required to reach bottom.

The Uniflex™ Pro liner hanger/packer, an upgraded version of the standard Uniflex Liner Hanger/Packer, is for certain specialized completion and production applications.

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