Liner Setting Tools, Accessories, and Packoffs

Improve liner installation efficiency with performance-optimizing setting tools

We offer a wide choice of setting tools and accessories that optimize the performance of running strings and improve the efficiency of liner installations. Liner setting tools and accessories are part of a group of setting tools that provide the physical attachment between running string and liners. The liner setting sleeve or liner top packer is run in conjunction with a liner setting tool. Together, they support the weight of the liner, allow liner top packer setting or rotation of liner and provide a reliable releasing mechanism to detach the running string.

Our Model 2RH™ liner setting tool is used to run all types of mechanically and hydraulic-set liner hangers. Tool joint connections provide high load capacity. The tool provides the ability to rotate the liner in set or unset position. It can be used with all types of liner hangers. A special rotating version of the 2RH liner setting tool is available for use with rotating liner hangers for improved cementing operations.

The Delayed Opening Ball Seat prevents pressure surging of formation and external casing packers when ball seat releases. Equalization requires several minutes, allowing pressure reduction before seat extrudes. Ball seat will reliably pass pump down plugs after ball seat actuation. A high-precision primary rupture disk ensures predictable initiation pressure, and a secondary rupture disk restores circulation if the primary mechanism does not function. The ball seat is pulled from the well after cementing; no drill-out of the seat is required. This is the most reliable system available for horizontal and low-fluid-level wells.

Our HRD-E liner setting tool transmits greater torque and compressive loads from the running string to the liner in demanding applications such as reaming a liner to bottom through badly sloughing formations. The hydraulic releasing mechanism is field proven and available to fit a wide variety of applications. Torque fingers permit the liner to be rotated, helping to work liner to bottom or allowing rotation of the liner during cementing for improved placement of cement slurry.

The Indicating Rotating Packer Setting Dog Sub is similar to the standard dog sub, but with an adjustable shear indicator and a tapered roller bearing assembly.These two additional features make it useful in all wellbores, including extended-reach wells. The adjustable shear indicator included above the setting dogs provides visual confirmation that adequate setting force was applied to the liner top packer. The tapered roller bearing assembly allows rotation and slackoff of the running string without damaging the packer extension or setting dogs. Rotation breaks the static friction between the drillpipe and casing, reducing buckling and ensuring adequate transfer of setting force to the liner top packer.

Our Hyflo™ diverter valve allows drilling fluid to flow up the ID of the liner and setting tools and then diverted through the valve to the drillpipe annulus above the liner hanger assembly. The surge protection system improves tight clearance liner installations by allowing mud up through the ID of the liner and placing back into the annulus above the liner. The valve is shifted closed by pressure when liner reaches total depth. This greatly reduces hydrodynamic pressure surging, a major problem in tight clearance liner installations.

The Cup Seal System with extrudable ball seat sub provides a seat to land a setting ball in the liner running string in order to apply pressure to hydraulically actuated devices above the seat. Extrudable ball seat technology developed by Baker Hughes can readily be incorporated into the running tool string to allow setting pressure to be isolated to the drill pipe and setting tools. Seats are designed to sufficiently to pass standard pump down plugs during normal cementing operations.

Our Model ST landing sub is installed in the running string below the setting tool as a means of applying pressure to activate hydraulic devices. The ST landing sub reduces pressure surging at the shoe when the landing sub shears. High shear pressure using a conventional landing collar placed at the bottom of the liner can cause breakdown and fluid loss in sensitive formations. The ST landing sub can be used in combination with all conventional liner wiper plug systems. The ST is available with solid seat for float in liner applications.

The Model RS seal system creates a high-pressure, two-way seal at the liner top, while reducing upward piston force on the running string when pressure exists below the packoff. The system leaves an unrestricted liner top immediately upon retrieval of the running string, with no need to drill out.

Our Hydraulic Pusher Tool allows liner packers to be set hydraulically without a hydraulic cylinder in the packer itself, improving packer burst and collapse pressures. It ensures that compression set packers receive full setting force regardless of well deviation. The tool can be used with mechanical and hydraulic release setting tools. It is commonly used with slotted or uncemented liners. The liner setting tool remains attached to the liner and anchors the pusher tool while setting the packer.

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