Liner Tieback Equipment

Increase wellbore ROI with tiebacks to deepen or sidetrack wells

Our liner tieback equipment is ideal for reentry applications such as deepening existing wells or sidetracking rather than drilling new wells from surface. Our tools allow you to isolate depleted zones and deepen a well into virgin-pressured reservoirs. Liner tiebacks can help you take advantage of the investment you've made in an existing wellbore.

The Bullet™ seal assembly withstands repeated hot stabbing into the seal bore while maintaining high-pressure seal integrity. Elongated seal rings resist the tendency to roll and clip, as conventional chevron type rings are prone to do when stabbed at elevated temperatures. Bullet seals have been proven to perform in dynamic sealing conditions up to 10,000 psi (689 bar) at 400 deg. F (204 deg. C).

Bullet seals can be used with confidence in monobore applications, because the primary production seal high-pressure/high-temperature version has been tested to more than 19,000 psi (1310 bar) when installed on special heavy-duty mandrels.

Our PBR tieback seal assembly is used for liner tieback completions. It corresponds to the appropriate ID and length tieback extension it will be stabbed into and is matched to the weight of the tieback liner. The PBR tieback seal assembly includes three stacks of Molyglass chevron rings as a standard, with a center O-ring to ensure high-pressure seal integrity. It is available in seal ODs from 2.750 in. to 14 in. (69.85 mm to 355.6 mm), and in lengths from 6 ft to 40 ft (1.82 m to 12.19 m).

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