Non-Inflatable Mechanical Isolation Packers

Optimize production by minimizing annular flow, improving lateral inflow

Our mechanical isolation packers deliver better time-to-seal control and a wider hole-size range than swellable-technology packers. These packers will help you optimize production, delay water/gas coning, minimize or eliminate annular flow, and get more uniform inflow along the lateral of your well.

Our MPas™ mechanical openhole packer system is a primary cementing and zone isolation openhole packer using a non-inflatable packing element. It's run as an integral part of the casing or liner string to provide a barrier between the casing and wellbore. It provides zone isolation by acting as a barrier between zones, with or without cement.

The MPas packer system can be run on blank casing to isolate unwanted zones, in slotted casing to separate producing zones, or even between screens in a gravel pack for zone isolation and to minimize hot spots and migration of fines from zone to zone. When running it in a horizontal gravel pack, our BetaBreaker™ (Product Family No. H30178) valve is used to prevent sand from being deposited around the packer OD before it's set. When pulling out of the hole after pumping the gravel pack, a shifting tool on the end of the washpipe will set all MPas packers in the casing string.

The system can be run in horizontal gravel packs and set in a single trip when used in conjunction with the BetaBreaker™ valve. It protects cement by blocking gas and fluid migration while cement sets up and allows stage cementing of deep wells by isolating lower zones from high hydrostatic pressures from long cement columns.

The MPas-e Remote-Set Packer (RSP™) system with eTrigger technology is the ideal system for reliable and cost-effective zone isolation in extended-reach horizontal wells and other openhole applications. It eliminates cement and perforating, eliminates inner string runs, eliminates the uncertainties of reactive-element packer operation, and eliminates mistakes resulting from misleading surface data and inexperienced rig personnel. It combines the industry′s only proven openhole, hydro/mechanical-set packer with a simple and reliable electronic packer-setting controller.

The MPas packer's one-trip deployment and instant seal allow immediate testing following activation. The seal element is effective in both water- and oil-based fluids. The MPas packer also allows wider use of our sliding sleeves integral to the liner for selective production without the reduced ID of an inner production string.

eTrigger technology is a simple and highly effective method of electronically activating the MPas packer. It eliminates the costs, complexity, and logistics of an inner string run for packer activation. eTrigger technology greatly simplifies the MPas packer setting process while lowering costs and saving time.

The eTrigger controller is programmed prior to running the tool in the well. Programming the controller is easily done with a laptop computer. Once downhole, the controller evaluates well conditions in real time. When the eTrigger controller “sees” the temperature and pressure conditions it is looking for, it activates a timer. The timer allows a time interval specified by the operator to elapse before triggering hydrostatic setting of the packer. Once the packer is set, hydrostatic pressure continues to energize the seal.

The timer can be reset by circulation or otherwise changing temperature or pressure. Pulling the packer above threshold temperature or pressure resets the timer to its run-in (or sleep) mode. Because the controller is responding to real-time downhole conditions, mistakes resulting from misleading surface data or human error are eliminated.

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