Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing

Improve efficiency and maximize reservoir contact with custom solutions

Accelerate completion times and optimize production with field-proven multistage fracturing solutions. With industry-leading experience and in-depth technical support for all completion methodologies, we can help improve operational efficiency and increase recovery in unconventional wells.

Innovative single- and multiple-entry fracturing systems simplify operations and cut frac cycle times to get your wells online faster. We can combine multiple isolation methods into a single system to optimize stimulation and provide maximum efficiency at all lateral depths—even in extended-reach wells.

And when you work with Baker Hughes, you get an experienced provider with a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from virgin reservoir analysis to refrac planning and execution. The result: efficient and effective operations.

Let us design your next completion and improve your recovery factors

  • FracPoint™ single- and multiple-entry ball-activated systems for open and cased hole applications
  • OptiPort™ and OptiFrac™ single-entry coiled-tubing-activated systems for open and cased hole applications
  • QUIK Drill™ composite plugs and interventionless SHADOW frac plugs for plug-and-perf applications
  • Hybrid solutions for extended-reach applications

FracPoint Ball-activated Multistage Fracturing Systems

Reduce overall pumping time with quick, continuous hydraulic fracturing using FracPoint single -and multiple-entry fracturing systems.


Targeted CT-Activated Multistage Fracturing Systems

Enable targeted fracturing and better control over fracture growth with less fluid and horsepower than standard completion methods with OptiPort and OptiFrac single-entry systems.


Plug-and-Perf Completions

Plug-and-perf completions enable flexible stage placement in multistage hydraulically fractured wells.

Pressure Pumping

Our pressure pumping services increases access to proven reserves, improving asset value and ROI. We’re the pressure pumping experts with the reliable resources and guidance.

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