Targeted CT-Activated Multistage Fracturing Systems

Maximize pumping efficiency and reduce downtime

Maximize reservoir contact through an extended number of stages using OptiPort™ and OptiFrac™ single-entry fracturing systems. Coiled tubing- (CT) activation enables targeted fracturing, giving you better control over fracture growth while using less fluid and substantially less horsepower than standard completion methods. Single entry ensures the fracturing treatment is going where it was originally intended, instead of following the path of least resistance.

The OptiPort system features pressure-balanced frac sleeves that are hydraulically opened using a customized CT bottomhole assembly (BHA). The OptiFrac system uses the EasyCut™ sand jet perforating tool to create abrasive perforations. And fracturing treatments are pumped down the casing-CT annulus to allow for shorter pump times.

Real-time bottomhole pressure monitoring lets you optimize frac treatments on the fly and reduces the risk of screenouts. And if a screenout does occur, you can recover quickly by circulating down the CT already in place.

The total volume of fluid is minimized with OptiPort and OptiFrac systems, because pumping is shut down between stages. For added operational efficiency and earlier production, the systems provide fullbore access without the need for post-frac intervention.

OptiPort sleeves can be run above ball-activated FracPoint™ single-entry sleeves, or above SHADOW™ plugs with a single set of perforations, for controlled entry in extended-reach wells. Click here to learn more about how our customized hybrid solutions can help you efficiently access longer laterals.


OptiStriker Straddle Packer Hydraulic Fracturing Technology

OptiStriker™ straddle packer hydraulic fracturing technology—this fracking equipment restimulates each perforation cluster in existing unconventional wells to boost production.

Coiled Tubing Services

Our CT deployment teams help you achieve significant operational and economic performance advantages.

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