Plug-and-Perf Completions

Enable flexible stage placement and optimize fracture treatments

Plug-and-perf completions with composite plugs are used on 75% of new unconventional wells in North America. This completion method enables flexible stage placement, which can be changed on the fly, and provides fullbore production access after the plugs are drilled out. In 2014, operators ran more than 400,000 composite plugs in unconventional plug-and-perf completions.

The plug-and-perf process involves running a composite plug with frac guns to target depth on wireline or coiled tubing. The plug is set, and the guns are fired and removed from the well. A frac ball is dropped into the wellbore, where it seats in the plug, effectively isolating the perforated casing from the completion below. Proppant and fluid are then pumped into the well, where it is diverted (blocked by the seated frac ball and forced out perforations) into the surrounding formation. After treatment of the fractured zone is complete, another plug with frac guns can be run and the process repeated higher in the wellbore.

In addition to a full line of perforating guns and charges, Baker Hughes has one of the most diverse plug portfolios in the industry, including FLASH™ composite plugs, SHADOW™ frac plugs, and fully disintegrating SPECTRE™ plugs.


  • Multistage fracturing
  • Unconventional wells

FLASH Composite Frac Plugs

FLASH™ composite frac plugs feature a robust, impact-resistant design that significantly reduces the risk of presetting.


SPECTRE Disintegrating Frac Plug

The SPECTRE™ disintegrating plug completely disappears after fracturing operations are complete, delivering a new level of efficiency and flexibility for unconventional operators.


TORPEDO Composite Frac Plug

The TORPEDO™ composite plug features a compact and design that enables 50% faster millouts with significantly reduced risk of plug presets.


SLINGSHOT Composite Plug Efficiency Valve

The SLINGSHOT composite plug efficiency valve eliminates frac-ball pump-downs so operators can perform plug-and-perf completions in less time and with less water.

Well Completions

Industry-standard sealing and anchoring technologies, meticulous planning, and a no-nonsense approach to risk avoidance will maximize production, cut costs, and extend well life.

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