SLINGSHOT Composite Plug Efficiency Valve

Perform plug-and-perf completions in less time and with less water

Eliminate frac ball pump-down operations and save time and water on your next plug-and perf job with the SLINGSHOT™ composite plug efficiency valve. 

While standard operations require dedicated pump-down operations to get frac balls downhole, the SLINGSHOT efficiency valve travels downhole with the plug. As fluid and proppant rates increase, a ball contained in the valve shears from its housing and seats on the plug, enabling diversion of treatments in less time, with less water, and with reduced HSE risks and environmental impact.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Pumping down frac balls accounts for 10-15% of overall completion times and increases water volumes by an average of 5,000 BBL in a 25-stage completion. The SLINGSHOT efficiency valve completely eliminates this step, saving and average of 20 minutes and 200 BBL per stage for faster completions and reduced water volumes.

Reduce HSE risks

Accessing the wellhead for each ball drop increases HSE risks. With the SLINGSHOT efficiency valve, personnel only need to access the wellhead to pump down the plug-and-perf BHA. This cuts the number of times the wellhead needs to be accessed in half while also reducing overall completion times and personnel exposure.

Minimize environmental impact

In addition to eliminating the time, water, and HSE risks associated with pumping a ball down to the frac plug, the SLINGSHOT efficiency valve also minimizes environmental impact through reduced water requirements, transport logistics, and disposal volumes.

The SLINGSHOT efficiency valve is compatible with Baker Hughes QUIK Drill™ and FLASH™ composite frac plugs.


  • Unconventional plug-and-perf completions using ball-type composite plugs
  • Extended-reach laterals

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