Production Packers

Increase profit by reducing risk and minimizing life-of-well cost

Production Packer Systems

Is your well a simple, single-zone completion? A complex, deepwater multilateral? Are you planning an intelligent completion?

Permanent, removable, openhole, cased-hole, mechanical, inflatable, reactive element: We’ve got the packer that ensures success. Baker Hughes’ packer systems are the industry’s most comprehensive. Our Model D packer is the world’s most widely used packer.

The company’s worldwide network of highly trained engineers, technical sales, and field personnel are supported by years of shared knowledge and experience; extensive product and material data; best-in-class engineering, manufacturing and test facilities, and proprietary wellbore modeling software solutions.

Flow Control Systems

Our flow control products and systems boost your bottom line by helping to ensure optimum production, minimized equipment repairs, reduced rig downtime, and extended well life.

Our flow control solutions include Sur-Set™ locking system, CM™ sliding sleeves, and the Velox™ velocity and straddle system.

From the simplest single-zone completions to the most complex deepwater, multilateral and intelligent completions, an efficiently designed and implemented well completion system can optimize production, minimize equipment repairs, reduce rig downtime, and extend the life of the well.

Our flow control systems can do all these things and more. The strategic location of flow control tools in the production string adds a high degree of versatility to the completion. Flow control system applications include stepped nipple, single-string selective-zone, gas lift, ESP, multizone waterflood injection, liner top, HP/HT stepped nipple, single-string selective gravel-pack, velocity string, and intelligent well completions.


Dual-String Retrievable Packers

Our dual-string retrievable packers offer maximum reliability in dual completions and electrical submersible pumping system applications.


Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Set Removable Packers

Our removable V0-rated packers provide reliable sealing and removability for many different well types and completions.


Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Set Permanent Packers

Permanent V0-rated packers help ensure well control, protect people, and safeguard the environment across a wide range of completion types.


Wireline/Workstring Set Packers

A wide variety of packers gives you the most choices of applications and setting methods for the most effective completion and most efficient installation.


Mechanical Set Single String Retrievable Packers

These packers are simple, versatile, and reliable in HP/HT applications.


Flow Control Systems

The industry’s most effective flow control products and systems for controlling fluid flow between casing and tubing and within the tubing.

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