Mechanical Set Single String Retrievable Packers

Increase packer reliability

These versatile and simple packers offer highly reliable performance.

HORNET™ mechanical set packer is a high-performance, full-bore, single-string retrievable packer for reliable performance in high-pressure frac and production applications. This is simple-to-operate and economical packer can be set with the tubing in compression, tension, or neutral.

This mechanical-set packer offers easy operation with a one-quarter turn set and release. You can convert this to wireline set. The durable bypass seal design offers sealing capability after unloading in differential pressure as high as 10,000 psi [689 bar] at 350 deg. F [177 deg .C]. O-rings are not used anywhere in the sealing system.

SABRE™ mechanical set packer is a compact, economical, single-string packer based on the proven performance and reliability of the Hornet packer. This is ideal for standard pressure injection and production applications. The packer, which is tension set or compression set, can be landed in compression, tension, or a neutral condition. The packer offers reliable performance in a retrievable packer in combined conditions of 250 deg. F [121 deg. C] and 7,000 psi differential above or below the packer.

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