Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Set Permanent Packers

Get permanent, high-performance isolation without mechanical setting

Our packers enable permanent, high-performance isolation without mechanical setting.

Granite™ hydraulic-set retainer production packer can be set with tubing pressure only and is ideal for applications where packer body travel from tubing expansion is not possible: stung-in, tubing-in compression, liner-top applications and tandem completions where packers are very close to each other.

INTEGRIP™ permanent production packer ensures annular isolation for the life of the well. It is a reliable packer designed for use in wells with up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) differential pressures and temperatures up to 450°F (232°C).

SB-3™ one-trip completion packer is the hydraulically-set version of the Model DB Packer. It provides fast run-in time without risk of impact damage or premature setting while packing off securely and permanently when the packer is set.

SB-3H™ hybrid hydrostatic and hydraulic packer is ideal when well conditions prohibit mechanically set packers or well intervention and where minimum setting time is required.

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