Downhole Reservoir Control Devices

Control fluid loss reliably and economically

Our fluid loss control devices are the reliable choices.

The Model C knock-out isolation valve is a single-acting inverted flapper valve that protects the formation from well hydrostatic pressure and resulting fluid loss after screen liner placement or gravel packing. The large ID accommodates a large washpipe for gravel packing and through-bore for completion. The optimized OD enables high-rate gravel packing or frac packing.

The fluid loss control valve (FLCV) offers a temporary barrier to control the loss of completion fluid to the formation. Although intended for use in post-gravel pack or screen placement applications, the FLCV also can be used to facilitate setting a completion packer or testing production tubing.

The Model RB isolation valve is a remotely actuated, ball-type, reservoir isolation valve that offers a mechanical bidirectional downhole pressure barrier. The valve facilitates fluid loss control, temporary well suspension, as well as safe tool deployment and upper completion installation. The tool is compatible with sand control applications.

The SAF-1™ valve is a reservoir isolation device in the downhole sand control assembly that eliminates fluid loss during installation of the upper completion and facilitates the displacement of well fluids above the valve. The SAF-1 valve is installed typically in the top zone of a multizone completion. 

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