Well Stimulation Vessels

Maximize deepwater completion operational efficiency

Baker Hughes operates a global fleet of dynamically positioned (DP class 2) deepwater stimulation vessels. The backup systems incorporated on our vessels provide operators with the highest level of reliability and reduce operational risks associated with pumping high-rate and high-volume fracturing treatments. These vessels offer maximum proppant-and fluids-carrying capabilities and feature advanced instrumentation and control systems which provide the highest level of safety and reliability.

Gulf of Mexico
The Blue Tarpon™ deepwater vessel launched in June 2011. The Blue Dolphin™ deepwater vessel, which is the first 20,000-psi pressure-rated stimulation vessel, launched in January 2010. The  Discovery™ vessel supports the Gulf of Mexico business and ultra deepwater completion operations.

The Blue Tarpon and Blue Dolphin are two of the most sophisticated, latest generation class stimulation vessels capable and equipped to support high-rate-and-high-volume, multizone fracturing operations. These vessels have totally enclosed stimulation plants that protect the equipment and electronics from the corrosive marine environment thus increasing reliability.

Offshore India is supported by the Vestfonn™ vessel, a well stimulation class-certified offshore vessel equipped with 10,000- and 15,000-psi (68.9- and 103.4-MPa) pumps. The Vestfonn vessel is designed to carry large volumes of acid to support the offshore well stimulation market.

Baker Hughes currently operates three well stimulation class-certified vessels: the Blue Shark™ vessel, the Blue Angel™ vessel and the Blue Marlin™ vessel. These vessels feature advanced instrumentation and control systems providing the highest level of safety and reliability. Designed to carry large volumes of acid, make these vessels ideal for large volume well stimulation operations.

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