PERF-FRAQ Perforating and Frac-Packing System

Perforate and perform a frac-pack sandface completion in one trip

The Baker Hughes PERF-FRAQ™ system combines the latest Baker Hughes tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) gun system and the CK FRAQ™ frac-packing system to provide a high performance, one-trip, perforating and frac-pack sandface completion system.

The PERF-FRAQ system features a hydraulic bottom gun anchor (HBGA) that allows the TCP guns and firing heads to drop into the well sump immediately after gun detonation. Having the guns and firing heads drop automatically saves considerable time that otherwise would be required to pull guns out of the hole before running in with frac packing equipment. Additionally, logistical concerns associated with pulling out of hole with guns and running in with the frac-pack assembly are significantly decreased.

The HBGA features two methods of release: an automatic primary release actuated by gun gas after gun detonation and a secondary, mechanical release actuated by simple pull-up on the HBGA. The required pull-up force is dependent on well hydrostatic pressure. The secondary release provides added assurance that the TCP assembly will be moved away from the perforating zone.

Gravel and Frac Pack Systems

High-performance cased- and openhole completions for frac-pack sand-control applications handle extreme fluid velocities and high proppant volumes and maintain openhole stability.

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