SC-XP Gravel- and Frac-Packing System

Increase efficiency in gravel- or frac-pack operations

The Baker Hughes SC-XP™ gravel-pack and frac-pack system offers faster conveyance rates, higher bottomhole temperature, and a higher production rating than existing sand control systems in extreme environments. Increased project efficiency also maintains simple retrieval.

We can manage jobs with extremely high horsepower pumps, allowing high proppant volumes to be pumped without damaging the tools or the casing. System integrity ensures opening and enlarging flow paths.

The sand control system enables long horizontal, openhole gravel packing without disturbing the filter cake. Increase operational reliability with set-down weight in all tool positions.

There’s better performance for longer laterals and extended-reach wellbores, including cased and openhole completions. With higher temperature and pressure ratings, you can achieve ultrahigh flow rate and proppant volume with reduced tool erosion and casing damage risk while reducing trip time.

The SC-XP system can manage temperature up to 400 deg. F [204 deg. C], treating pressure of 15,000 psi [103.4 MPa], and a proppant volume of 1,500,000 lbm [680,400 kg] at a rate of 60 bbl/min [0.16 m3/s] while preserving casing integrity.

The flawless execution of the SC-XP gravel- and frac-packing system ensures the efficiency you need on your next project.

For more information about our gravel-pack and frac-pack sand control system, please call us or send us an e-mail.


When you’re spending $350 per minute on a $500,000-per-day deepwater rig, you can be confident our global expertise enables you to work safer with minimized NPT.

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