TORRENT Gravel- and Frac-Pack Solutions

Increase operational reliability and boost recovery with integrated sand control solutions

Leverage the full strength of our technology portfolios and industry-leading experience in sand control and pressure pumping to optimize long-term production and minimize intervention costs.

Our new series of TORRENT™ gravel- and frac-pack solutions provides application-specific, integrated offerings that draw on a combination of field-proven systems and innovative technology to provide effective, efficient, and reliable operations—and better bottom line results.

Every TORRENT solution is designed with the customer and is customized to address the unique challenges of each well. Technologies, equipment, and services featured in the solutions include:

  • High-performance gravel- and frac-pack systems
  • Advanced sand screen technology
  • Industry-leading stimulation vessels
  • Specialized fracturing fluid systems and proppant technology
  • Prejob modeling and real-time treatment monitoring and analysis software
  • Proactive flow assurance technology

Improve packing efficiency and streamline operations in long, horizontal applications with the TORRENT openhole gravel-pack solution.

Create and maintain high-conductivity fractures and improve ultimate recovery in low-permeability reservoirs with the TORRENT frac-pack solution.


TORRENT Openhole Gravel-Pack Solution

The TORRENT™ openhole gravel-pack solution helps achieve 99%+ packing efficiency and improves the overall economics of gravel-pack jobs in one streamlined, integrated operation.


TORRENT Frac-Pack Solution

The TORRENT™ frac pack solution helps operators create and maintain high-conductivity fractures to improve recovery through long-term, maximized production.

Sand Control Pumping, Tools, and Services

Our field-proven sand control solutions reduce the serious economic and safety risks of sand production.

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