TORRENT Frac-Pack Solution

Create and maintain high-conductivity fractures for improved recovery

High-conductivity frac-packs can enhance production. But too often, the effectiveness of your frac-pack program is dictated by the capability of vessels, equipment, and frac fluids instead of the reservoir.

The TORRENT™ frac-pack solution leverages our extensive experience and technology offerings in sand control and pressure pumping to help operators plan and execute holistic, reservoir-driven frac-pack programs.

Solution components

  • Prejob modeling and real-time monitoring and analysis software
  • High-performance SC-XP™ frac-pack platform
  • SpectraFrac™ fracturing fluid with patented crosslinker and breaker technology
  • Advanced stimulation vessels with industry-leading capacities and capabilities
  • Proactive flow assurance technology

After modeling the optimal stimulation program and engineering a custom fluid design, we deliver the treatment via high-performance tools and advanced vessels. Our fluid’s proprietary crosslinker and breaker technology ensures superior shear recovery and maximum regain conductivity. Treatment monitoring and analysis software lets you view job progress in real time, providing the insight you need to optimize the treatment program on-the-fly—from any location. And once you are connected to your pay zone, we help you maintain full hydrocarbon flow and minimize interventions with proactive flow assurance technology.


  • Subsea reservoirs
  • Low permeability formations
  • Formations with drilling-induced damage

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