TORRENT Multizone Single-Trip System

Treat multiple zones in one trip

Deliver selective gravel- or frac-pack treatments to multiple zones in a single trip to reduce rig time and enhance operational efficiency with the TORRENT™ multi-zone single-trip (MST) completion system. Zones can be treated in any order to eliminate costly standby time and resolve logistical challenges leading to NPT. And the system enables selective or commingled production to provide the flexibility to maximize recovery while preventing sand production. 

The large service tool flow area makes it possible to add sensors for real-time pay zone monitoring. A large ID enables options such as installation gauges, hydraulic valves, and other intelligent production system components on the production string.

The TORRENT MST system operates efficiently in both shallow and deepwater environments. This one-trip completion system provides an effective solution to optimize each well’s reserves, while safely delivering sand control and frac-pack treatments.


  • Offshore completions
  • Deepwater completions
  • Sand control completions
  • Gravel-pack completions
  • Frac-pack completions
  • Multizone completions
  • High-rate pumping completions
  • Intelligent well completions
  • Large-diameter completions

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